Eph 1:3-7 – Verses 4-5: He adopted us as sons/daughters – He made us holy and blameless in love. Why? Because our acceptance and adoption was done in the beloved! He redeemed us – through the blood by forgiving our sins according to the riches of HIS grace. Without redemption, there can’t be adoption! This is why it is really dangerous when you surrender yourself to someone else without the approval of God, God can use people to tutor you, correct you, nurture or mentor you as we see with Paul and Timothy 2Tim 1:1-7…not people like in 2Tim 3:5. You also have to be careful as a child of God not to enslave yourself to another man in anyway including spirituality 1Cor 7:23. God is your father, my father and our father because of what Jesus did and HE alone deserves our total surrender and worship: Mat 6:9. Gen 1-3 told us of how God created man: male and female. How God formed man, planted the garden and put man in the garden…what a Good father! He creates, creates your needs and then releases you…my goodness! Meaning God creates you but doesn’t release you until he has perfected all that concerns you! In other words, God doesn’t tell you HIS will until HE has worked it out! You only need to step in because it’s not just a done deal with a glorious ending but perfect! Unfortunately,  many switched allegiance to the devil through disobedience and ever since, God has been looking for a way to redeem us until Jesus. What that means is like you disobeyed your father, and he denounced you but HE himself has been looking for a way to bring you back – what a father! And HE is so caring and jealous for HIS children Ex 4:22-23. God used prophets, the priests and the law but it didn’t work because the spirit of man was dead. And God decided to revive that spirit so the connection can come alive again without struggles John 3:3-7,16 Eph 2:11-13. Let’s go back to Eph 1:7 He redeemed us but didn’t stop there, HE went on to adopt us, making us HIS responsibility, He took ownership of us and led us to the path of being able to call HIM abba father: Father, my Father – a sense of belonging: relationship: Rom 8:15-16, Gal 4:6-7 And this is the most interesting part of God’s fatherhood and the mode of operation here is Trust. Why? HE will tell you things, those that make sense and those that don’t seemingly make sense to you…TRUST is what will make you believe, take step or act in the line of whatever HE says because in the end you know HIS plans for you are perfect! Look at JESUS, the revealer of the word: ABBA and that aspect of God’s fatherhood in Mark14:36 – And He said, ABBA Father, all things are possible for you. Take this cup away from me; nevertheless, not what I will but what you will. That’s a level of trust beyond natural comprehension! No matter what’s going on with you – Trust, No matter what your finances say – Trust, No matter what your health says – Trust, No matter what’s going with your job, family, emotions….Trust God, ABBA Father. Why? Why should you trust HIM? Isaiah 49:23 NLT (last sentence)HE cares for you, and provides for your needs Mat 7:7-11, 1Pet 57. HE secures you Psalm 91:1 Your destiny is secured in HIM because HE has it all settled! Jer 29:11 (speaking to the children of Israel)HE wants to give you rest on every side but you have to TRUST Mat 11:28.

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