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Make up your mind!

Luke 14:25-end
Verse 25Huge crowds followed Him:Could be- those who heard about Him + His miracles- those who wants to see miracles: just fascinated – those who really want/need miracles- those seeking Him for truth
Of course in church today, we have huge crowds too…what part of the crowd are you from the earlier illustrations 
Verse 26 – 27Means you must say no – any contrary opinion to your following Him- those that feel they know too much and would want to impose their way of christianity on you or even dictate the way you serve your God YET you can’t see any fruit in their livesMat 7:15-16, 2Tim 3:5
Let me tell you this: the reason some people take you as enemy is because their opinions do not count in your life and you’re not who they want you to be – you’re not under their control! But make sure you’re under the control of JESUS!
So, if this year would be different,  you must make up your mind to do things the way God wants you to do them!
He said, YES, you must hate your own life! Meaning – those things that give you little little pleasure and take you away from fellowship with God- all that you care about must come under submission to God and to HIS will – those you need to let go must go, some relationships do more harm to you than you can imagine. You won’t realize until your eyes becomes open and you realize you’ve missed or lost so much- The lifestyle that doesn’t glorify God 
Let’s see Ruth in Ruth 1:16-17
And sometimes like Naomi, you might need to remind people you’re aware of your situation before they use that situation to give you namesYou do that to keep your own sanity! That’s what Naomi did in Ruth 1:20
So Plan and be determined to follow your plans except the Holyspirit influences themLuke 14:28-end
In conclusion:- Make up your mind this year must be different from the past yearsBe evident for God, stand for Jesus, 
Make up your mind to love and serve God with the whole of your heart and and might this year! Mark 12:30
– Make up your mind to make your life count this year, enter into your purposeEph 5:15-17…understand what the will of the Lord is! For you!- 

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