God defined the purpose of Man, created and blessed him (Gen 1:26-30)
God created man in his own image. God is a spirit (Jn 4:24) hence God created the Spirit man first and formed the physical(the body of man) man in Gen 2:7. Man is a tripartite being having a spirit, soul, and body.
Before the fall, man had a relationship with God and could recognize his voice (Gen3:8-10), God’s intent was that man should have fellowship with him.From (Gen 3:17-19) after the fall of man, he was separated from God.
God pronounced two types of death. The first was that of severity and separation from God, and the second was physical death.
Every man inherited the curse of death from Adam, (Rom 5:6, 5:9, 5:12)
Ever since the fall, mankind has been trying to get back to the relationship with God but he cannot do it on his own.According to (Col 1:19), the death of Jesus on the cross restored us to God.
Jesus is the only source of life. (Jn 5:26)
Jesus has the ability to give and take life and He came to restore the life that was cut away by our sin (Jn10: 17-18, 10).
Everyone has direct and free access to God.
The only person who can control your life is God, who gave us life.
You can’t merit your way into heaven, but only by God’s mercy and love.
Jesus freely gave his life and restored us to life with God. (Eph 2: 8-9)
We are not saved by works but by God’s mercy.
We are made alive through Christ who restored us to life. (1 Cor 15:22, Eph 2:4-7, Gal 5:1)
God gave us life, we should live it to please him.
He is inviting us to fellowship with him. (Rev 3:20)

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