In a time as this! What do you do? When everything is on standstill, you can’t do what you love most, you can’t be with who you love most, you can’t access what you desire among other things…what do you do? Day in day out, situation is not getting better even as people in places of authority and power try to bring calm, we see increasing numbers of their officers infected. It becomes clearer and obvious the current situation is almost beyond human control at the moment and obviously needs God’s immediate intervention. However, there seems to be a message in the ongoing mess.

People are beginning to realize the place of God as the ultimate solution to the current pandemic and gradually turning to HIM. As humans, we are quick to look around us for solutions when we come across challenges. As much as this is not bad in itself, it differs from the way most of the successful bible characters navigated their issues. David is a good example here when the Amalekites invaded his camp and took captive the women, children and valuables. At David’s discovery, he knew what to do but the bible said he inquired of the Lord…I Sam 30: 1-20

As children of God, we must learn to first seek God for inquiries whenever we come across challenges. This is not just the wisest thing to do but also a scriptural protocol, Mat 7:7-8

Seek and ask God about the situation and He will speak to you. He will not only speak to you but also restore peace to you and take away fears from your heart irrespective of whatever is going on, Psalm 34:4. Clearly when you seek God, there are three things He does for you according to Psalm 34:4…

  1. He answers you
  2. He delivers you from all your fears: this means God opens the mystery about the current situation to you, He reveals your part to you OR reassures you His promises to you irrespective of the situation and that automatically removes any element of fear from your heart
  3. He gives you peace! Peace is the absence of fear! Hallelujah

Go back to God today, go back to that secret place…a place just for you and Him…He is ever waiting for you.

This time may also be a time of RESET or a time to press the RESET button: have you been busy serving other people’s vision? Have you lost your place in God? Have you sold out yourself to some kind of friends that have taken you away from God and purpose? Have you given yourself to some kind of activities and nothing has come of them? This might just be the perfect time to come back to God, this might just be the beginning of a closer and deeper fellowship with God, a time to rediscover yourself, a time to really know what you’ve been created for. Either you like it or not, there will be a RESET in the world after this pandemic. Why not press your own RESET button now? Jer 6:16 says thus says the Lord, “stand at the crossroad (roads) and look, ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…” the ancient paths signifies the original paths, the intended paths, the right paths meant for you: for your destiny.

One of the things you should also be asking God at this time is what is my assignment here on earth

What is my purpose, which path am I to walk in?

What am I supposed to be doing even at this time of pandemic?

Remember what God said to Jeremiah in Jer 1:5 and what He said to the children of Israel in Jer 29:11: God knows all about you, in and out of season, go back to God, seek Him, He has all the answers and He will not let you down, Amen.

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