Bible verse- Psalm 47 1-9.INTRODUCTION- We as Christians should learn to give thanks to God, for everything we should remember to thank God. He deserves our Thanksgiving.  For the breathe of life we should thank God. We should also thank God that even though with the diseases and tribulations that are around God still protects us.— It is by the grace of God your are preserved today. (Psalm 91).— it’s the Glory of God that keeps us and protects us from the pestilence around.— The word of God that is true is the reason we are alive.— Your trust in God would keep You from any evil or plague.— The angels of God are here to protect us day and night.— From now on we should not hold on to our Thanksgiving. Let God know you do not have any other Go apart from him.— Give God thanks even in the most difficult times in your life because he is the only one who can come to your rescue.    Always remember that it’s important you give thanks. Praise Jesus!

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