Rev 4:11, Eph 2:10

We’re HIS workmanship

Created in Christ Jesus for good works

Which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them

✓ This is amazing! God already prepared the good works, the path, purpose

He just wants us to walk in them
-that’s how we give HIM pleasure
-anything contrary will be to HIS displeasure

Some of the gifts and passions God deposited in you are supposed to be a pathway and a sustaining factor to good works, purpose or plans that HE has for you

Remember Prov 18:16…the gift shall make you…

But some would rather choose to be someone else than be who God created them to be – you are not giving God pleasure
Dont be another person
Dont let anyone define you or your path
God created a unique you and a unique path for you to walk in

✓ How do I even know the path that God has created for me to walk in?

One tested way to discover your path in life is fellowship with God.

In fellowship, you seek and be with God through prayers and the word

In constant prayers, you communicate by talking to God and worshiping and praising HIM

In the word, you get know HIS character
The word also guide you as light Psalm 119:105

So, Jer 33:3
He responds and reveals to you

✓ Even if you have made the greatest mistake about who you are supposed to be or your path in life…I have a good news for you
Jer 18:1-6

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