Ecc 12:13-14How did you fare this year?– was there anything you set out to achieve this year?– was there anything God told you to do this year?How did you fare?Are you closer to God than last year or are you farther away from HIM?Are you a social Christian or true Christian?Generally speaking, what’s better this year than last year?Yes, I know and we all know COVID-19 took over the year BUT, people still made stuffs out of the yearIn fact,  I think COVID-19 lockdown must have revealed you to you…because now you can’t visit people you used to visit the way used to do, you can socialize the way you used to ( which should make you discover God by yourself and for yourself)…The effect of that is: now– you know your strengths/weaknesses-if you were in relationship with God OR you were just playing religionAnd if you were in relationship with God, the lockdown should have helped you to get into deeper fellowship with HIMThink about this again: Ecc 12:14 God will bring every work to judgementTaking stock!Psalm 90:12 – ‘teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom’GNB says ‘teach us how short our life is that we may become wise’That talks about accountability!If you understand how short time is, then every second, minute, hour and day must count!The question is…count for what?What is your purpose in life? This season, this year?How do you know your purpose or assignment or responsibility if you dont have a relationship with GOD?– what will HE say to you?– How will HE say it to you?It’s time to take stock!– Are you in a secular job? How are you faring?You are God’s seed in that job, office or profession – are you glorifying God there?How do you treat people at the job you’re being paid to do?Do you favor your friends and treat those who do not agree with you otherwise?Do you have a blacklist?God will bring every work to judgement! (Secular or spiritual Ecc 12:14)Are you truly representing God or you’re being wise??Every comment or rulings or deliberations against God or principles – you just keep quiet and nod so as to be politically correct?Remember Mat 10:32 -》Remember: Ecc 12:14Psalms 147:11 – God takes pleasure in those who fear HIM2 Cor 5:9-11In conclusion, Prov 27:23

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