Luke 10: 25-37.

Introduction— It is no doubt that it’s hard to love as a Christian because of the society we live in where the concept of love has been changed, and confused. irrespective of how difficult it has become to love, we still have to love as Christians because our savior Christ is love Himself and He commands us to do same.

— If you love your neighbor, you won’t steal from them, you won’t manipulate them and you won’t harm them.
— We as Christian’s are supposed to love our neighbors, show them love through our words, thoughts and actions.
— If you claim to love and care for your neighbors, you would also tell them about the gospel of Christ. We shouldn’t tell them harshly but tell them with love.
— When you love your neighbor, you would look out for your neighbor’s needs, when you claim to love you would want to care for the need of that person.
— Paying close attention to the needs of the people around you and meeting such needs as GOD gives the grace is a major way to show love to them in this difficult generation. If you don’t carefully pay attention to your neighbors you can’t know the needs of you neighbors. if you are sincere, God can also reveal or tell you about how to reach out to them in love or meeting their needs. That’s why we need to pray to God to help us.
The question is who is your neighbor? Your neighbor is that man or woman that is around you, that man or woman you see everyday, that man or woman that doesn’t like you , that man or woman that treated you bad. Those are your neighbors and we need to show them love. By doing this we are getting a reward from heaven and also leading them to the path of Christ. Reach out to a neighbor today and show them love.

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