* What does it mean to be excellent?
* it means outstanding, extremely good.
* A good father must love and protect his wife (Ephesians 5:25)
* Jesus’s relationship with us is a model of how a husband should be with his wife.
* An excellent father is first a good husband.
* He must love and care for his children and wife (Matt 7:9-11). He has to provide for his children.
* He must be able to manage his home (1 Tim 3:2-5) (Proverbs 22:6) (Deut 6:6-9)
* To be an excellent father, you must be a lover of God (Eccl 12:13)
* You have to live in the spirit and not the flesh (1 Cor 16:13)
* This can only be achieved through Christ.

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