Like 18:1, 1Thes 5:17What is prayerMeans of communication between man and God…Prayer can be made anywhere and at any timePrayer is not yoga or meditationWho can pray? Anybody but it becomes more when there is a relationshipAgainst the belief that only priests or rev or pastors can pray, everybody canUsed to be so before Heb 9:6-7,Thanks to Jesus Heb 9:11-12Types of prayers:Adoration/worship/acknowledgement Dan 2:22, 1Tim 6:15-16Thanksgiving Psalms 103:2  150:2Confession 1 John 1:9Supplication Phil 4:6 / petitionIntercession Acts 12:5, Eze 22:30Characteristics of answered prayerThere is answer to every prayerYes- Acts 12 the LORD sent an angel to deliver PeterNo- Deut 3:25-26Wait- Psalm 69:3, 1Sam 1 Hannah had a waiting period– State of total dependence on God Psalm 86:8– Prayers made with pure heart 1John 1:9, Mat 5:23-24– Prayers made in line with God’s will– Prayers made with right motive Luke 18:9-14In closingLike 11:9-131Pet 3:12

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