Growing…to be Sons and Daughters

The essence of the finished works of Christ:IDENTITY 
I talked about our identity in Christ last week 
It doesn’t matter what anybody feels or think. The bible is the standard and it says We are 1. kings and 2. priests Rev 1:5-6…the bible didnt say some, it says us
The concept of Christianity, church needs to be understood. Church is no more at that place where only one person can speak to or hear from God 
And that’s why the 3rd point I raised is that we are children of God. John 1:12
This 3rd point here, that is being God’s children is the first step to becoming kings and priests. That’s what God through the finished works has made you to be but it is not automatic, you have to grow into that reality!

The Topic today is Growing from children to sons/daughters IIt is only when you become sons or growing up to become sons and daughters that you can live in the reality of who God made you to be, that is kings and priests 
Gal 4:1-7 (while you’re still a child, you can’t manifest like an adult)
Romans 8:19: the world is waiting for the manifestation of sons and daughters, not children.
The biggest problems with christians is refusing to leave the state of infancy. This is why Christianity seems powerless or overpowered in some cases while in some cases church goers are on the rise, yet you can’t see any impact of that in that environment. 
I will just try to make some differences between baby Christians OR children and Sons this morning by God’s grace
Firstly, either at the level of God’s children or son/daughters – we are talking about born agains 
2nd – sons/daughters know what to do while children don’t Ephesians 4:14 (read from 11 to 16)
3rd is two in one: Being led of the spirit and hunger for the word. The reason is that you can’t be filled or host the manifestation of the spirit without being a man or woman of the word and vice versa. The spirit is the fuel of the word, remember the word is the light, the truth
So, sons/daughters are led by the spirit, not babies, babies are led by candies Rom 8:14
AND they hunger for the real truth/solid word – the word, and not milk Heb 5:12-end
Why? The word gives direction as well as the spirit Psalm 119:105, 129-135
4th, they’re always ready to do God’s will irrespective John 4:34

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