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Cross-Over Service – Get GOD

What a year!

We bless God because it pleases HIM to keep you and I even in the face of this ravaging pandemic.

By now, I’m sure that most Christians must have learnt their lessons about searching for what prophecy this Pastor or the other has about the new year. It will shock you some Christians are still checking what nostradamus has to say, unfortunately 

God is the one who determines what happens and when it does – Daniel 2:20-22 and the bible says the secrets of God are with those that fear HIM Psalm 25:14

Yes we know, bad things happen, unwanted situations occur most times due to our own disobedience 2 Cor 10:6

The devil our common enemy John 10:10

And look at this: 1Pet 5:8-10

That’s why Daniel 11:32 says Those that know their God shall be…

In the new year, Get GOD!

Speak to Him

Enjoy the relationship HE’s called you into

Stop looking elsewhere, stop looking for prophets, pastors and whoever, look the more for the one who redeemed you, He didnt leave at redemption, HE adopted you and claim responsibility for you Ephesians 1

If you’re looking for money, prosperity, fame or material wealth, you dont need to come to church or God for that, there are thousands and thousands of unbelievers out there that have those stuffs in abundance – go to school or find out from them how

But if you belong to the kingdom, there is one thing that rules – the will of the father Mat 6:9-10

Of course the ultimate will is to save mankind which why you’re here

Also there are short term, long term, corporate and individual wills of God…it is only when you surrender yourself to the Holyspirit that you get to know what God wants you to do per time 1Cor 2:9-end

What am I trying to say to you today?

Get God to speak to you every step of the way in the new year, about your situation and everything that concerns you

Why – God makes provisions towards HIS will or whatever HE says IKing 17:8-9

Why – whatever God says must certainly come to pass even where it seems impossible – Lamentations 3:37

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